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Journal of Molecular Neuroscience| Molecules responsible for brain structure

Journal of Molecular Neuroscience

The Journal of Molecular Neuroscience Impact Factor

Frontiers in Molecular Neuroscience is a leading multidisciplinary open-access journal that identifies the molecules responsible for brain structure, design, and function. The Journal aims to be a global hub for scientific knowledge, enabling researchers and students to discover and communicate the impact of groundbreaking discoveries. The publication publishes research from diverse disciplines, including animal, plant, and human models. You can read more about the journals’ mission here.

Molecular Brain publishes original research on the nervous system’s molecular structures, functions, and evolution. It encourages manuscripts demonstrating clinical relevance. It requires approval of animal experiments and conformity to accepted ethical principles. The Journal’s goal is to accelerate basic research and advance understanding of brain disease and its disorders. However, manuscripts should be free of resemblances to experimental methods. The publication accepts a variety of ways, including genetics and molecular biology.

Brain function and Development

Frontiers in Molecular Neuroscience publishes original findings that advance our understanding of brain function and development. It will also publish manuscripts that demonstrate clinical relevance. Because the Journal is committed to advancing basic research, it encourages manuscripts with clinical implications. This is important since it allows for the rapid replication of findings. Moreover, it supports 100K journals and is a Committee on Publication Ethics member. You can also submit articles to Frontiers in Molecular Neuroscience.

Frontiers in Molecular Neuroscience publishes original research on all aspects of neuroscience. The Journal focuses on the structure and function of neuronal cells and their interactions. It welcomes manuscripts that have clinical relevance. The publication guidelines for this Journal include approval of animal experiments and the application of generally accepted ethical principles. The Journal is a leading source of information on cellular and molecular processes. It also enables users to submit papers in the Endnote style of the Journal of Molecular Bioscience.

Frontiers in Molecular Neuroscience publishes original research and reviews on all areas of neuroscience. Its focus areas include synaptic maintenance and reorganization, neuron-glia interactions, and de- and regenerative neurobiology. If you have an original research paper, it is essential to submit it in this Journal. It is not required to write a lengthy document. You can refer to it in the Journal of Molecular Neuroscience instructions.

Straightforward and Comprehensive

The Journal of Molecular Neuroscience publishes scholarly journals. The Journal’s submission guidelines are straightforward and comprehensive. The guidelines for submitting papers to this Journal are available here. It is also important to note that you can add a bibliography for each article published in the Journal. You will link to the relevant articles in most cases, but this is not always the case. It is essential to specify the authors of the studies, and the date of publication, to avoid double-checking the accuracy of citations.

The Journal of Molecular Neuroscience also publishes preprints. The article identifier is a vital reference for the author and the reader. Besides the abstract, you can also cite references in the text. When citing the article, you should note all the sources mentioned in the paper and include page numbers. A bibliography is an essential element of scholarly research.

The Journal of Molecular Neuroscience is an open-access journal. You can obtain articles from its website. You can also view preprints of articles published in the Journal. The online version is a comprehensive and detailed database of the Journal’s contents. The website offers the latest research papers in a variety of fields. Further, it has a dedicated section for reviews of preprints. When publishing an article, you need to provide the page ranges to citations.

The Journal of Molecular Neuroscience is an open-access journal. All articles published in this Journal are scholarly. Therefore, you should make sure to cite these publications if you have posted any research in them. The Journal of Molecular Neuroscience has partnered with Publons. By registering with Publons, you can also easily find and access preprints. You can use Publons to find relevant papers. Then, you can effortlessly search for the relevant article.

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